How will the coronavirus outbreak end?

Corona Virus

Covid-19 or more commonly known as “Corona Virus” has emerged as a calamity. It is said that history is repeating itself just as before . This outbreak of virus originally surfaced in China. The people there had no idea of the chaos it would cause in such a short amount of time.

Covid-19 has taken many lives and is slowly spread towards the common wealth “US”. People didn’t take this seriously that’s why this much losses occurred and it was able to spread this much. It has changed the economy as well as the working state of each and every being. Humanity has always faced problems and overcame them . Will it be the same case?


Fear is always present when there is death. Covid-19 has taken lives from all around the globe. The questions still arises. “Will we be able to go back to how things were?”

Chine assessed the Calamity and had made necessary precautions in building multiple facilities to accommodate such high numbers and gradually they took control of the situation by recovering 60,000+ people. Those doctors worked tirelessly and made it through the hectic time of peril.

Many countries such as Italy and Iran now have come under siege. They weren’t fully aware if the damage it can do and many lives were lost.Due to lack of guidance or necessary precautions/ management we suffered great losses.

CDC ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) as well as WHO ( World Health Organization) have taken the matter very seriously from the start by making campaigns and International Map coverage with 24/7 information.


Will we be going back to normal?

This is the question that is currently present in your mind. We may go back to our normal lives but things may or may not change. As the virus spreads and countless casualties occur as well as “TOTAL LOCKDOWNS” in multiple countries for stopping the spreading / infection of the virus.

We will go back to normal but it will cost us very much. These quarantined days have cost much damage to the economy companies and even education.

This has put us in a situation where taking a step back is all we can do. Things won’t be normal for us. It might turn into a seasonal disease, making a comeback every year.

You should not fear it. You should read upon the facts and use those facts to your advantage. It might take us weeks or even few months to recover and bounce back to our livelihood.

Until then stay safe. Stay indoors and avoid physical contact.

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