World needs to lockdown for Normalcy

While the world is learning the hard way to protect humankind from the corona pandemic, especially as the worst-affected European country, Italy is grieving after losing thousands of lives to Covid-19, there’s some hopeful news.

Wuhan reports zero infections

Wuhan reported zero COVID-19 infections for the first time, a few days back because the city has been in lockdown for the past few months. This is a sigh of relief but amongst the 80k+ affected people, 3000+ deaths have been reported across various regions of China. So, their fight against this pandemic disease is not over yet.

What is a lockdown?

Lockdown is like a war/emergency period where everyone has to stay indoors for safety and the government stops all modes of transport to access the city. Since Covid-19 spreads through infected people, self-quarantine breaks the chain and helps avoid it from spreading further.

After this lockdown period of nearly eight weeks, the residents who are not affected by Coronavirus, are now allowed to resume their personal activities within their residential area. However, people are not allowed to gather in groups even in their residential communities.

When will Wuhan resume normalcy?

Medical experts in China suggest that lockdown can be slowly lifted provided there are no new cases for 14 days. However, they warn the authorities to take necessary precautions, prevention and control measures to avoid a second wave of infection. By mid-April or early-May, the city could resume normalcy.

What world can learn from lockdown?

City lockdown and self quarantine or social distancing is the way. Countries who have lots of infected people should lockdown important districts and states for a minimum of two weeks which means no transport except for the very essentials like groceries, food and medicine. All schools, colleges and government institutions have to be closed.

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